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Posted by Brideau Allaire on Sunday, 9 February, 2020 02:36:19

We are a team of people dedicated to serving our global community by provisioning solutions that simplify and enhance the shipment of goods. We believe in the empowerment and cultivation of seamless experiences throughout the process of exchanging physical material.

eShipGlobal offers Universities a fast, secure and reliable web-based shipping software that enables affordable and easy document shipping. Our solution provides shipment tracking, single invoicing for all carriers' shipments, rate shopping and seamless no hassle billing.

eShipGlobal, Inc 18111 Preston Rd, Suite 650 Dallas, TX 75252. Contact Us Customer/Technical Support: (800) 816-1615 International Calls: +1 (972) 518-1775

An express shipping service for international students/scholars and university staff/faculty!

eShipGlobal is a trade name and service mark of eShipGlobal Inc.