Can You Create Login For Jotforms

Unable to login - message reads Login failed - SUSPENDED

Can You Create Login For Jotforms

Posted by Bresett Aldrick on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 23:23:23

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You cannot create login forms. JotForm does not have membership features. Also, your account will probably suspended with phishing suspicion.

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Your next step is to authenticate the user of your app so that you can identify who should receive the data that will be sent by JotForm. It is up to you how you authenticate the users. You can do it by simply rendering a login dialog box to user, or by giving the user the option to register with your service.

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JotForm Question Mapper plays a vital role when you integrate your app into jotform. Integration Apps can be deployed on the JotForm Form Builder Integrations Wizard . And for that you need to create a map between jotform form questions to your apps fields.